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Our potential candidates are seeking part-time contracts for a variety of career development and lifestyle reasons.


We apply the same wide range of opportunities for part-time contracts as we do for our permanent contracts, and our candidate criteria and selection process is the same.

With over 36 years of experience within the recruitment industry, we have experience of knowing which candidates are available and what their core skills are to make sure we find the correct fit for both candidate and client.


We currently have a wide range of part-time contracts available in every industry and sector.

Providing the right skills and attributes for the perfect fit

Candidate opportunities for part-time contracts

 •  Award winning HR recruitment services

 •  Part-time contracts available

 •  Wide range of opportunities available

 •  Every industry, every sector

 •  Finding the correct fit for you

 •  Highest levels of customer service

 •  Meeting all of your requirements

Our part-time contract services

Whether you are a company or individual seeking a part-time contract, please contact us today for details on the current opportunities or candidates we have available.

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Providing the right candidates for your part-time contracts

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